What is a “decontamination”?


A microbiological decontamination is a two step process that involves both a space decontamination (surface disinfection) and a gaseous decontamination (Paraformaldehyde/Chlorine Dioxide). LTS works with the cabinet user as a team to accomplish this process. Typically the user performs the first step that is surface disinfection and then LTS performs the second step that is gaseous decontamination. Gaseous decontamination is a process of using paraformaldehyde/chlorine dioxide gas contained in a cabinet for a set amount of time to remove all contaminates. An industry standard decontamination procedure can be found in NSF/ANSI 49 Informative Annex 2. CETA CAG-004 Biological Decontamination and Disinfection of Accessible Surfaces in Biosafety Cabinets is another document to help understand the process in its entirety.