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The Team

I began my journey with Lewis Testing just out of college, choosing to invest in the family business rather than pursue a career in media arts and science. Since 2005 I have continually invested in learning the controlled environment industry for LTS to continue the quality service that we have a reputation of providing. In my off time I enjoy rooting for the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish and the Indianapolis Colts. And my favorite pastimes are riding tandem bicycles or tandem kayaking with my wife, Kristen. This provides us quality time together and with friends outside of work.

Laura Alte
Vice President

I joined Lewis Testing Services after living in Michigan for 9 years, working as a School-Age Child Care Director. I packed up, moved home, and joined the family business! Since 2007, I’ve enjoyed gaining knowledge about LTS and Controlled Environment Testing and providing a friendly voice to all of our customers. When I’m not at the office, I love family time with my husband Allen and our four kids. We enjoy movies, Broadway shows, day trips, hiking, and crafting.

Allen Alte
Quality / Operations Manager

I entered the Army in 2000 and was activated 3 times.  I am now retired Army National Guard. I worked full time at LTS for 5 years, in the middle of my military service and now plan on utilizing my experiences in both to ensure services at the highest quality in an efficient manner.  In my spare time I am usually spending time with my wife Laura and our 4 kids going to games, practices, and activities.  

Kent Lewis
Department Lead Service Technician
CNBT Certificate Number: 12156


I’m Kent.  I can move a 6-foot BSC with one hand tied behind my back that’s why I am the permanent LTS employee of the month.  When I’m not at work I can be found in my garden, at the racetrack in the pits, or eating tacos while watching GREASE!  I am often helping my wife capture runaway dogs for her dog rescue or having sing-alongs with our son in the car. 

Hello, I’m Scott and I am one of the technicians at Lewis Testing Services! I strive to learn all I can about the industry and to give our clients the best service. Having a family-oriented company behind us is great because outside of work, family time is important with my wife and our 6 kids. We travel quite a bit for camping and or cornhole tournaments.

Travis Wilcox
Service Technician

Hi, I’m Travis. I am new to the LTS team and I’m quickly learning all I can about controlled environment testing.  Outside of work I enjoy DIYing with my wife, Schooling my 2 boys in Mario Kart, or working on my classic El Camino.

Kristen Dinges
Executive Assistant

Nathan and I have been married since 2006 and I began working at LTS in 2019.  I keep the office organized, handle most of the accounting, along with planning fun activities for the techs.  I only work part time because I enjoy doing volunteer work, including fostering cats and kittens for my local animal shelter.  In the summers I raise and release monarch butterflies when I am not riding tandem bicycles or kayaking with Nathan. 

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Cassidee Lynn
Office Manager

I’m Cassidee Lynn.  I hang out at the office while my mommy (Kristen) works.  I inspect all incoming and outgoing packages and make sure the perimeter is secure.  Between naps I file lots of paperwork and try to make phone calls.  During my lunch breaks I enjoy eating steak tacos and playing with toys.  If you bring steak tacos to the office I’ll be your best friend.