Contamination Control Testing & Certification

LTS assures that your contamination control equipment is providing the required personnel, environmental, and/or product protection. Our testing and certification program verifies and documents that your equipment is performing to appropriate standards and/or manufacturer specifications.

LTS provides the highest quality testing and certification services backed by highly trained technicians and a comprehensive quality assurance program. Our technicians receive extensive in-house and manufacturer-provided technical training to assure that they are current in the latest industry developments. Technicians also receive on-going training on the latest occupational safety and health standards for their protection and yours.

LTS’s quality assurance program rigorously adheres to equipment calibration requirements and documentation/review of certification testing results. In addition, we can provide field service technicians that are accredited under the NSF enhanced biosafety cabinet field certifier program and/or Controlled Environment Testing Association’s National Board of Testing (CNBT) Registered Certification Professional – Sterile Compounding Facilities (RCP-SCF) credentialing program.

LTS has experience in testing and certifying:

LTS is authorized to perform warranty repairs for a large number of equipment manufacturers, and has fast access to common parts, including HEPA filters, to minimize equipment down-time when repairs are required.