What are you actually certifying/testing?

A field certification confirms that an installed cabinet is operating in accordance with the field test specifications of NSF Standard 49 (if currently listed by NSF) or the manufacturer. Field certification does not include the microbiological challenge and cross contamination tests that are performed in the factory by the manufacturer.

Required Test Optional Test
  • Downflow velocity profile test*
  • Inflow velocity test*
  • Airflow smoke patterns test*
  • HEPA/ULPA filter leak test*
  • Site installation assessment tests*
    • Alarm functions*
    • Blower interlock*
    • Exhaust system performance* (proper exhaust duct negative pressure and canopy performance)
  • Cabinet integrity test (positive pressure plenum cabinets only)
  • Lighting intensity*
  • Vibration
  • Noise level*
  • Electrical leakage, ground circuit resistance*, and polarity*

*Part of LTS Standard Certification Report
In addition to the above NSF/ANSI 49 recommends the lifespan of a unit be 15 years. Starting at age 16 Lewis Testing Services requires a degradation inspection be performed to reduce the safety risks that an aging unit generates.